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Bachelor thesis defence (David Bombek)

Date: 19. august 2008


D. Bombek. Igra reversi na telefonskem aparatu Cisco IP: diplomska naloga visokošolskega študijskega programa. Fakulteta za elektrotehniko, računalništvo in informatiko, 2008.


We have demonstrated that, with the help of various technologies, it is possible to play the reversi game on an IP telephone set. On the other hand, XML Extensible Markup Languages played an important role in our program as well. The reversi game belongs to a group of games that provide complete information. In the diploma work, we have described the strategies of how to play reversi successfully and search algorithms.

The central part of the diploma work is composed of three segments of our program ReversiOnCisco. These are Cisco IP telephone set, web and database server. A relevant role of the web server is, among other things, the visualization of the game. The next stage will be the description of a game engine and a detailed description of the method of saving and acquiring statistical data. The final part is wrapped up by our results and possibilities for future research.