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Conference IEEE CEC 2013

Conference: 2013 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (IEEE CEC 2013.

Place: Cancún, Mexico.

Date: 20. - 23. jun 2013.

The conference CEC is the main event at the research field of evolutionary computation. The conference is supported by the IEEE and the Computational Intelligence Society. The latter society also is in charge of the IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation journal.

Our algorithms jDEsoo and SPSRDEMMS took part in the Competition on Real-Parameter Single Objective Optimization at CEC-2013. Results are available here.

Two papers presented

Algorithm jDEsoo

(pdf) J. Brest, B. Bošković, A. Zamuda, I. Fister, E. Mezura-Montes. Real Parameter Single Objective Optimization using Self-Adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm with more Strategies. IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC) 2013, 2013, pp. 377-383.


(pdf) A. Zamuda, J. Brest, E. Mezura-Montes. Structured Population Size Reduction Differential Evolution with Multiple Mutation Strategies on CEC 2013 Real Parameter Optimization. IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC) 2013, 2013, pp. 1925-1931.

CEC13 slides Zamuda.gif