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Programming language Z0

The Language Z0

Z0 is a tiny experimental class-based pure object-oriented programming language. Its key features include syntactic simplicity, similarity with Java, strong static typing, pure object abstraction, and some dynamic mechanism which are normally only found in dynamic languages. Z0 provides a unified, object-oriented treatment of all values, primitive, user-defined, and even control structures. In a nutshell, everything is an object. As far as object ``purity is concerned, Z0 looks to Smalltalk and Self Z0 uses a clean and strict method-based model. There are no explicit instance variables, only methods. A dynamic, compile-time checkable method update mechanism is provided to make methods manipulable at run time. Inheritance model is simple and straightforward. Variant type system and dynamic typing with type Self enable a high degree of typing flexibility that is statically safe and can be efficiently implemented. Z0 is compiled for a virtual machine (JVM-like). The parser was implemented using Bison and Flex.