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VIPSI-2006 Slovenia

Conference: VIP Symposia on Internet related research with elements of M+I+T++ (Multidisciplinary, Interdisciplinary, and Transdisciplinary Research).

Place: Bled, Slovenia, EU.

Date: 30. nov - 3. dec 2006.

Paper: A. Zamuda, J. Brest, N. Guid, and V. Žumer. Construction of Virtual Trees within Ecosystems with EcoMod Tool. IPSI-2006 Slovenia Book of Abstracts, International Conference on Advances in the Internet, Processing, Systems, and Interdisciplinary Research, 2006, ISBN: 86-7466-117-3.

Conference main topics were e-learning, e-science and e-business, with accent on collaboration with other sciences besides the computer science.

Some highlights: $100 computer, supercomputer in Barcelona, WEB 3.0, OpenCourseWare.